Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Which Manchester?

I sent this very true story to some of my co-workers and they thought I should post it since they found it quite amusing!

While waiting - a long time - to board my plane earlier this month, I discovered what could have been the reason for the delay. An odd looking couple (really, they were kind of weird) was having an issue plane side. She had this really long Indian print Pendelton coat on (tourists...she probably had no room to pack it, so she wore it). She had long scraggly dark hair and was disheveled. Her partner was this weird younger guy sporting his new 'I bought this coat and hat in Phoenix and you can tell since it has Phoenix written all over it' ensemble.

Continental Rep: Ma'am, you have a giant carry-on, another giant bag, a backpack and a purse. You have too many items.

She started combining things.

Continental Rep: You can't just combine things, you still have too many carry-ons and they won't fit as it is. You'll have to check one.

Small argument ensues. She's not going to win and finally concedes, after much content-shuffling, which bag to check.

Now, she's not talking much and seems to be mumbling a lot. I figure they're not from around here.

Weird Lady: Mumbles something about Manchester.

Continental Rep: Ma'am, you're going to Manchester?

Weird Lady: Mumble.

Continental Rep: Ma'am, are you going to Manchester England or Manchester NH?

Weird Lady: Mumble.

Continental Rep: England or New Hampshire?

Weird Lady: I don't know.

Much giggling from those behind her. ML's thinking, "Hmmm...seems like one would know that little tidbit of info".

Continental Rep: If you're going to England, I'll need to confirm a passport.

Weird Lady: Mumble.

Continental Rep: Are you going to Manchester England or Manchester NH?

Weird Lady: Oh, New Hampshire. I forgot.

More giggling from those behind her. ML's thinking, "How does one forget that instead of traveling to a distant country, across, oh I don't know, 3000 miles of vast ocean, you're just connecting in Cleveland to head to New Hampshire? Was she confused with the whole New England vs. England thing? I know that confuses a lot of idiots." I also wondered things like, "Will they breed and create a giant race of simple minded morons?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Then there was this whole issue with how many little bags she had attached to her, including a fanny pack-like thing. I thought of my co-worker, Ron. And once she started jabbering, she actually spoke perfect English. Not the King's English, like in her short-lived homeland, but English like we speak here (well, most of us).

Flight scheduled to depart 8:35am, took off at 8:55am.

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Stefan and Julie said...

this is still the funniest story ever, you tell the best stories too!